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Schaible's Mechanical has a staff of experienced pipelayers, pipefitters and steamfitters for high or low pressure commercial applications. We provide piping for sites ranging from large installations under initial development to smaller upgrades and expansions. All our projects, regardless of size, are piped with efficiency and cost-effectiveness built into our installation process. Schaible's recognizes the urgency of commercial piping repairs. Contact our on-call Service Department at 908-537-6770 and receive quick call-back for emergency piping. Schaible's Mechanical is pre-qualified and bonded in the State of New Jersey for public and private projects. We submit bids that fully match specifications, in a timely manner.

works with a wide variety of piping materials, including:
  • Copper
  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • ABS (solid wall or cellular core)
  • PEX
  • Black Poly
  • Galvanized
  • Black Iron
  • Tubing (vinyl, plastic, chrome, braided, copper, or brass) We provide piping - fitted or welded, including controls - for the following systems:
    • Hydronics:  Hot water, steam, chillers, cooling towers.
    • Gas Piping: High pressure, natural gas, propane.
    • Sanitary and Drainage: Including acid waste, grease waste, and in-house treatment systems.
    • Process Piping: For bulk, gas, or liquid applications (including chemicals and corrosives; acids or alkalis). Types include stainless steel and high purity.
    • Mechanical Piping: Including pumps for sewer or water, high pressure hydraulics, sump pumps, suction piping, compressors, and circulators.
    • Geothermal: Open-loop and closed-loop.
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