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Schaible's Mechanical is a full service commercial plumbing contractor. We design, install, repair and maintain sanitary and water systems, drains, gas systems, fixtures, hydronic systems, pumps, and waste systems.  We also provide video inspection services.

Schaible's Mechanical - a division of Schaible's Plumbing & Heating, headquartered in Hunterdon County - is bonded in the State of New Jersey. We are a one-stop shop for plumbing design and implementation (design/build). We provide schematics and layout for commercial sites, or if you prefer we will work with your engineer. Our licensed Master Plumbers receive continuing education in commercial plumbing, including OSHA guidelines.

Schaible's Mechanical builds water conservation, low-impact development practices, and energy efficiency into each project's design and construction. This approach controls costs both now and in the future. Plumbing maintenance and repairs also incorporate energy-efficient and water-efficient parts and practices, thereby building cost control into every service. We also provide energy and water conservation audits.

Schaible's also installs and maintains:

  • Underground Sanitary and Water Systems: mains and lines of any size. We work with sanitary sewers that run to in-house treatment facilities or directly to disposal.
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Storm Drainage: piping, swales (including bioswales), and separators.
  • Roof and Deck Drains: for roofs, decks, parking garages, balconies, walkways, or custom applications.
  • Retrofit or new drains in re-roofed or re-decked installations
  • Scupper Drains
  • Plumbing Drainage: floor drains, condensate drains, trench drains, drain cleaning and clearing (including hydro-jetting.
  • Waste and Vent Systems: stack, direct, wet and dry vents as well as gray water systems.
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Products: faucets (including auto-sensored faucets and plumbing), sinks, toilets (gravity, power-assist, urinals, and composting toilets), tubs, drinking fountains, composting toilets, & more.
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